Portfolio Management And Investment Advice

We have a proven track record in the real estate industry to get the right value of good assets and ensure all customers portfolio have those valuable assets

Portfolio planning

We understand real estate real estate really well. We have the best information on which projects do well in the market and which projects don’t we also understand the ticket size that is the best in the market. We understand what customer has with him in terms of Capex we properly study what products will fit within the capital of the customer, we do proper analysis and list down what is the average revenue, the customer receive or a span of time then we present customer then Alices and lock in the properties.

We have been doing this for quite a lot of customers and for some of the biggest developers. We are smart in our and we understand this. The best we just don’t give advance information. We do our investments of our customers. Based on the ground level knowledge we have of the market in those locations, we could proudly say that we have never field customers till date.

And that bite self is one of the best achievements of investment team.

  • Property shortlisting

  • Location analysis

  • Property analysis

  • Investment planning